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Titolo: CREATIVE TRAINER - dall'idea al mercato

The project Creative Trainer, a highly successful course to support SMEs in sustainable innovation, was developed under the EC�s Leonardo da Vinci program. Three practical modules have been developed: theory, methods and useful instruments for creating and evaluating ideas. 

Most innovations fail to move from idea to prototype to commercial product. The new CREATIVE TRAINER II project will address the critical product phase through the development of two modules to add to those previously developed in CREATIVE TRAINER I. The first module will focus on innovative marketing techniques, and the second will comprehensively analyse the management of innovation for product development processes. These modules will show companies how to adequately realise and commercialise their ideas, so they can rapidly bring innovative products to market. 


The project is financed by the European Commission.  This document is the sole responsibility of the CREATIVE TRAINER project and does not represent the opinion of the European Commission nor is the European Commission responsible for any use that might be made of the data appearing herein

Partners: Inniofinanz GmbH-Austria Nottingham Trent University-England Project North East-England MATERALIA-France Bayern design GmbH-Germany Clean Technology Centre-Ireland Chamber Dobrich-Bulgaria Umbria Innovazione-Italy Istituto Tecnologico de Canarias-Spain LINK-Germany


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